Monday, June 29, 2009

10 TIPS on Search Engine Optimization

  1. Keep the most important keyword near the beginning of the sentence. Make this tag a full sentence (for META description tag)
  2. USE most important keyword phrase in the first sentence but not the first word. DO NOT use italic or bold keyword phrases in the first sentence on the web page.
  3. USE keyword phrases in your headings, (H1, H2 and H3).
  4. START putting keywords in bold in the second paragraph. AFTER the first usage of the keyword, PUT the keywords in italics several times . NEVER apply the first usage of your keyword phrases be in Italics.
  5. USE keyword phrase in ALT tags.
  6. USE the most important keyword phases of your page in any inbound links.Whenever you are linking from any web page back to your home page, use the most important keyword phrase in the link. When your home page is linking to any other page, use the keyword phrase in that link that the other page is being optimized for.
  7. Don’t put keywords in your side navigation panel. Google loves keywords in full sentences. Putting the sentence into a paragraph is better.
  8. Use keyword phrases in an H1, H2 or H3 headline followed by a keyword-rich paragraph.
  9. DO NOT optimize a page for more that two or three keyword phrases.
  10. REMEMBER to optimize for keyword phrases and NOT keywords.This is due to the fact the keyword is already included within the keyword phrase.Naturally, people do not search for just one word any more anyway.

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